Dene Cummings

Dene Cummings29-year-old Dene Cummings is the Autosmart franchisee for Crawley. Dene had previously worked as a salesman for another Autosmart franchisee, so he knew the business very well when he decided he wanted to invest in a franchise for himself.

“When the Crawley area became available I decided that it was too good an opportunity to miss and the time was right to start my own business,” says Dene. “I had seen for myself how well the Autosmart business model works and know that the products are really well respected by the trade. Not only that, but they’re washing and polishing vehicles every day, so have to replenish stocks regularly.”

It was an important decision for Dene, who is married with one child, but one that he is delighted he made; he particularly enjoys the fact that each day is different, such is the eclectic mix of clients he has. 

Dene comments: “I really love life as an Autosmart franchisee. I’m out and about every day visiting existing customers and finding new ones. All sorts of customers use our products, so it’s really varied. One moment I might be admiring a Ferrari in a top end detailers, the next I could be showing an engineering company how to clean their machinery.”


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