Kevin Matthews

Having been a Barking Mad customer for several years and keen to run my own business, I jumped at the opportunity to take over this successful franchise and offer the same service to others.

Prior to joining Barking Mad I was a retail manager for a large chain high street store. I loved all the interaction with customers and the hustle of the job but after 9 years I decided I wanted something I could call my own. I also wanted something that would fit in with my lifestyle. I’ve never looked back. What I really like about Barking Mad is that you are in control of your business and the growth is down to you. It’s great because you reap the benefits and you get a great feeling of satisfaction. I now feel in control of my job which is wonderful. What makes it work well for me is the franchise support. All the elements of the business that I was less experienced in, I could be taught and get support, whereas at the same time I could make use of the skills that I did have to grow my business.

A highlight for me is seeing the hosts’ faces when the dogs arrive and them running around wanting to play. It’s also lovely to see the customers happy and know the system works so well.Kevin and Derby Matthews


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