Tina Young

Tina Young

My name is Tina. When I was younger, I can’t recall telling my careers advisor that I wanted a job arranging holidays for dogs! So, how did I get here? I had been working in Call Centre Management for two blue chip companies and although there were financial rewards, I had very little job satisfaction and I felt “like a square peg in a round hole”. I just didn’t fit. My husband was in a similar position with his job and we both came to the conclusion that things really needed to change. It is a well-used cliché, but we do only have one life so we didn’t want to waste it doing a job that made us unhappy. I spent about 9 months searching for something that would fulfil me. I’ve always been very passionate about my job and I like working hard, so it was so important to me to find something that suited me.

After a chat, we arranged a meeting at head office. We talked in detail about the business and I loved the fact that my ‘interview’ kept getting interrupted with Bronte, Lee’s Dalmatian, who would stick her nose in for a stroke or a treat! I thought, this is the type of business that I want to be involved in! The business model really appealed to me. I could run my own business and be part of a franchise organisation that would clearly support and guide me. As I had never run my own business, I felt this would work really well for me, so the decision was made and in April 2005 I launched Barking Mad in Northumberland. Over 10 years on, we are now a team of 6. Buying my Barking Mad business has turned out to be a life changing decision. My business has continued to grow year after year which has boosted my confidence and happiness. My family has also grown, as I now have two children. Running my business and looking after my family has worked very well for me. It’s such a great feeling to be able to say that you love your job. In 2014, Tina was named as the overall BFA HSBC Franchisee of the Year

In June 2014, Tina was named as a finalist in the national Franchisee of the Year awards.

Tina Young Franchisee of the Year 2014

FOTY 2014


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