Andrew Peace & Mark McKenning

Andrew Peace and Mark McKenning

Friends and business partners Andrew Peace and Mark McKenning launched their Caremark franchise in Barnsley back in 2011. 

Over the last six years they have built a substantial and thriving business delivering Caremark’s high quality care service to nearly two hundred and thirty people in their local community. 

What began as a three person enterprise, today employs in excess of two hundred staff and delivers more than three thousand, two hundred hours of care and support per week to vulnerable individuals.

“The benefit of being a franchisee allows for some strong peer support and the basis of a roadmap.  However it’s you, the franchisee, who needs to grow your business,” said Director Mark McKenning.

“As with life, you get back what you put in,” he continued.  “You need a strong work ethic, resilience, passion and drive.  Businesses are built on the strength of reputation.  Doing the right things well time and time again is challenging, however this is what separates organisations.  Good service delivery is key.”

The entrepreneurial duo, who were colleagues in their previous careers have since opened a second office in Rotherham, with a third in Sheffield planned in the near future.

The award-winning pair continue to invest in their staff and their development, knowing that without their care workers there would be no Caremark.  Andrew and Mark are keen to be recognized as the employer of choice in their area as well as the care provider of choice by commissioning teams and clients alike.

Maintaining a happy workforce is key to strengthening their staff retention whilst attracting new talent to their care teams.  Ongoing training to encourage further staff learning and development is offered as well as a health and wellbeing programme which operates to educate and encourage staff in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mark McKenning commented: “It is important our work force are happy and healthy and we believe that we need to take care of ourselves to take care of our clients.  By doing this we can continue to deliver a service of excellence.”


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