Company Overview

Retailer Complete Entertainment eXchange, CeX, takes the buy and sell concept and updates it by specialising in trading digital entertainment products. CeX buy, sell and exchange mobile phones, games, electronics, computers, DVDs and other entertainment technology directly from the public. Since 1992 we have expanded from the UK across four continents, now operating in 11 countries including Australia, Ireland, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, USA and UK. As of mid 2017, there are more than 550 CeX stores Worldwide. A best in class website at Webuy.com supports stores with live pricing, stock levels and drives additional revenue as e commerce sales fulfilled from CeX stores.

Franchise Overview


CeX opened their first store just off Tottenham Court Road, London’s electronics and computer heartland, in 1992. Now CeX reaches around the globe with operations in 11 countries across four continents. Franchising started in 2004 and CeX opened the 100th UK franchised store in late 2012. In July of 2016, CeX officially opened its 500th store worldwide.

Key Information

  • Network Size: Over 100 units
  • Franchise Type: Management
  • Typical Start-up Cost: £230,000, or £140,000 for a smaller store
  • Minimum Personal Investment: 30% - £70,000 for standard store, £40,000 for smaller store
  • Franchise Location: Retail unit
  • Market: B2C

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We provide a comprehensive 12-week (minimum) intensive store-based training programme, mostly: practical onsite experience that covers all aspects of retail and sales principles; technical and bespoke point of sale systems and operational procedures; supervisor and store management competencies; and general franchise and business ownership principles.

You will gain valuable experience across both corporate and franchised stores to ensure that you are fully confident and competent of running a CeX store.

Daily Life of a Franchisee

A CeX franchisee role is a varied one. You will be responsible for all aspects of the running of your store, backed up with support from CeX. One key responsibility is motivating your team of staff. You will also be in full control of building relationships with customers, as well as growing your business with advice from CeX Support Centre experts.

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