Gavin Chase

Gavin ChaseA CNA International executive search franchise is not for everyone. We look for self-motivated individuals who are able to follow a successful recruitment methodology to provide their clients with the highest quality of consultancy services around talent acquisition.

Have a look into a day in the life of Gavin Chase, a 20-year veteran of the recruitment industry and currently franchise development partner at CNA International executive search.

06:00 Alarm goes off, time to start the day.

08:00 In the office checking my appointments for the day ahead.

09:30 Spoken to a number of motivated, would-be entrepreneurs then jumped in the car and headed to my first appointment.

11:00 Arrive at my first appointment and spend 2 hours hearing all about the self-employment aspirations of a 30-year employee!

13:00 Now a mentor ‘training’ session with an ambitious CNA franchisee.

14:00 Catching up with emails and preparing for a franchise development webinar delivery.

15:30 Liaison with 4 European franchisees around inter-office business opportunities.

17:00 Just received a call from an investor looking at a master franchise in Europe. Busy day tomorrow no doubt!

20:30 Quick check over tomorrow’s diary to plan the day. Flying to Bratislava!


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