Dave Cooper

Dave Cooper - ComputerXplorers franchiseeWhy did you choose to buy into a franchise?
I decided I wanted to work for myself instead of someone else. I had looked at doing this a couple of times in the past and even got as far as expressing an interest in buying an existing franchise in a different field before deciding against it due to the possible liabilities. As I was made redundant it gave me the opportunity to actually go for it.

Why did you choose ComputerXplorers?
With extensive experience in IT I started looking around those types of franchises. When I saw ComputerXplorers I thought it would be something that I could be successful at. I have always been good with children and thought I could put my skills to use in teaching children some of these skills.

How have you found the training and support given by ComputerXplorers?
Training and support have been excellent. Along with this the other franchise owners are always willing to talk and help out with any questions.

How has the business started for you?
It has started slowly but has begun to pick up. The interest is there from schools but the main issue I have is getting teachers. I am working mostly on my own with assistance from my wife but as she works full time I don’t want to overload her. When the business gets to a certain size she will be joining me full time. A lot of the other franchisees run the business as couples which takes some of the pressure off tasks that need doing.

What has been the response of customers (schools, parents, children)?
Children that have attended have loved it and parents, who are paying, are keen to keep their children coming. I have children attending clubs for their second year without a break. Schools seem very pleased and I have not had any schools saying they don’t want to continue.

How do you see the business progressing?
In the short to medium term it will slowly increase the number of clubs running. My aim is to have 25 clubs running by the end of the school year. I also want to increase the number of nurseries running but this is made more difficult by the once a year intake to schools. I want the after school clubs to be the ‘foot in the door’ with PPA cover and one day work shops to build from this. I also intend getting some summer clubs going. Medium to long term I intend getting teacher/managers to do a lot of the general school club tasks releasing me to build up the business.

Do you have any advice to anybody considering ComputerXplorers as a franchise?
Talk to other franchisees. Each area is different though. Where there is a problem in one franchise there may not be in others so try to talk to owners in different areas. Research your area and get an idea of whether schools would be interested.


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