Hon Leung

Hon LeungMy name is Hon and I am the owner of Diamond Logistics in Bournemouth. I opened my depot on 1 January 2015 and have grown rapidly since then.

I have been in the courier industry since 2006 and have worked, as a master subcontractor, for numerous firms. At one point, I was running 35 vans and providing in excess of 45 drivers each day to these companies. However, I was getting frustrated with the stress of controlling these drivers without the financial rewards – essentially I was providing the most essential part of a courier company but somebody else was taking the lion’s share of the profits!

That’s what led me to look at the opportunity that Diamond Logistics offered to me, late in 2014, and I’m glad I made the switch. The whole infrastructure provided is first class – IT, finance, marketing and training are all provided as part of the franchise, all I needed to do as a franchisee was to bring in the customers and keep them happy! It is only with the solid backing that Diamond HQ provide that I have been able to grow my business 100% month on month for the first quarter of 2015, as I don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of invoicing etc. With this in mind, I have ambitions to grow my business aggressively this year and achieve a £1million-plus turnover in 2016!

I am now loving the fact that, working with Diamond, the harder I work the more I get rewarded. I am free to set my own margins and there is no upper limit on how much I can grow the business, I am only limited by my own ambitions and the work that I am willing to put in. The Diamond team are supportive and ambitious, they want to see all of the franchisees grow and provide all the necessary tools for us all to build businesses with a million pound turnover.


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