Julian Westwood

Julian WestwoodHi, I’m Julian and I am one of the latest recruits here at Diamond. I’ve come from a background of logistics recruitment and already have a great lifestyle and great income. However I really saw the opportunity in the Diamond franchise and wanted to build a sustainable business which was going to enable me to build a multimillion-pound turnover in my area.

The thing is, Diamond supports the ambitious. They are pushing my success with national PR opportunities, they have passed sales leads destined for Guildford here to me because they thought it was better for the client and me, rather than to keep it at the home depot; and I feel like I have the best of both worlds – the support of the high-calibre HQ team yet my own independence. The training was comprehensive, the support has been great and really hands-on.

And most importantly their sales methodology works. Just follow the plan, make the calls, do what you say you are going to. I have doubled my initial projections based on what I have achieved so far – I have already recruited in-house drivers and an operational and sales team and I am determined to win Best New Franchise at this year’s AGM!


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