Andy Hart

Andy Hart (second from right)Dream Doors, has just appointed its long-standing business development manager, Andy Hart, as the new franchisee for the Brighton Area. Andy has worked for Dream Doors since 2007, starting out as a design consultant for the Gosport-based showroom, and then progressing to join the management team supporting the brand’s 75 franchisees. After a successful career as an employee, Andy decided it was time he put his money where his mouth is and bought a franchise near to him.

“I have loved my time at Dream Doors,” he says. “And it’s been satisfying to see the franchisees I have helped train and support build successful and profitable businesses of their own. Now it’s my turn!

“I know the products so well, and I know for a fact that the Dream Doors model works. The service we provide is incredibly versatile, we can offer as little or as much as any homeowner could possibly want in their kitchen, which is a huge selling point for clients.”

Andy chose the Brighton area as it was home to many in Dream Doors’ prime demographic; those of an elder age, typically retired and looking to revamp their tired old kitchen.

“I’m excited to be working in the area, and to be working with local fitters that I’ve introduced to the business,” Andy adds. “We’ll continue to provide a superb product and a cost-effective service to local people for many years to come.”

Troy Tappenden, MD of Dream Doors and long-time friend of Andy’s, had this to say:

“Although it saddens me that Andy will be leaving his role as an incredible BDM, it also brings me joy that he is still part of the Dream Doors family and is following his aspirations. I have no doubt that someone as talented as Andy will perform well as a franchisee and will quickly build his very own successful business.”


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