Andrew Padgett

In 1998 Andrew Padgett bought his Driver Hire start-up franchise. Andrew had never worked in recruitment or the logistics industry before, but felt his skills set neatly matched the skills needed to become a successful Driver Hire franchisee.

 “Before deciding to buy a franchise I worked in retail sales for the local electric company,” says Andrew. “I got fed up with the politics of a large organisation and decided that if the right franchise opportunity came along, I would go for it.”

Covering the Ashford and Canterbury area his business now supplies an average 50 clients, and finds work for around 100 candidates per week. Driver Hire is the UK’s leading supplier of temporary and permanent staff to the driving and logistics industry.

 “Running my Driver Hire franchise is financially rewarding, mentally challenging and its flexibility enables me to have a good work life balance, “ says Andrew when it comes to discussing some of the benefits he’s experienced as a Driver Hire franchisee.

Andrew goes on to explain his reasons for choosing Driver Hire, “I had met other people from different franchise brands, but when I met the franchise sales team from Driver Hire they were really down to earth, honest, grounded and realistic . They were brutally frank about what the business entailed and what would be involved to make it work. This gave me the confidence and a level of trust that other franchise brands hadn’t during initial conversations. Also when I talked to other Driver Hire franchisees they were really positive about the business.”

Plans for the future

According to Andrew he has no plans to retire before 2035, though he may look to later reduce his days in the office. “I still love what I do, so the plan is to continue. Retiring is not on my horizon at the moment. I’d certainly buy a Driver Hire franchise again knowing what I know now. One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most is building a team of people I can rely on and trust.”


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