John Griffiths

John Griffiths and his wife Alison have been steadily growing their recruitment franchise since March 2007. A successful and profitable business Driver Hire Taunton in 2016/17 was one of Driver Hire’s 48% of franchised offices that achieved a turnover of over £1m.

Prior to joining Driver Hire – first as an employee (an Area Development Manager) and then as a franchisee - John had worked as a commercial director for a manufacturing company specialising in retail equipment.

When looking at franchise options, John already understood how franchising worked, having been employed by a franchisor, and this had opened his eyes to what could be achieved as a franchisee.

 “Having previously been employed by Driver Hire as an ADM, I’d seen how successful other franchisees were. I’d been in a fortunate position - when working with them - I’d be looking at their P&Ls so could clearly see the success levels. When Alison and I sat down to discuss options to run our own business, we realised the answer was in front of our face. The fact that I already knew all the systems I’d be working with, and the strength of the Driver Hire brand, meant staying with Driver Hire was the perfect choice.”

John and Alison went to their bank for a 5 year loan to fund the purchase of their franchise. In took two years for them to pay off the loan, leaving them to concentrate on growing the business further.

When asked about a typical day as a Driver Hire franchisee John goes on to say, “As joint franchisees Alison and I are very active in the business; there is always one of us in the office. Alison tends to look after the admin side, bookkeeping and finance. I’ll concentrate on sales and marketing, cash flow and help the team out on the operations side when busy. We make sure to keep an eye on the different marketing campaigns available from the head office so we can choose those relevant to our overall strategy and plan accordingly. Besides planned sales visits we’ll also just call in to see customers, or drive around our territory to see what has changed and what new opportunities there are.”

When asked if he’d buy a franchise again John adds, “Yes of course. I wouldn’t do it independently and would definitely go down the franchise route again. You’ve got the brand, the systems and the backup already in place and the partnership works – both parties striving for success.”


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