James Leonard

James“Growing up on a farm, I was used to the outdoors lifestyle and always wanted to work outdoors and to be my own boss. However, after university, I started working as a manager for a roofing supplies business!

“When I decided to leave, I looked at several business opportunities and considered going it alone. But having a mortgage and other financial commitments made franchising the best option. Joining Ed’s Garden Maintenance appealed to me because it was a growing business and a strong brand. It wasn’t an easy decision but I’m so glad I joined Ed’s.

“I set up my business in late June 2011. I’d put together my business and marketing plans with Ed and as soon as I was up and running I started building up a regular customer-base around my area of north London. It’s been hard work but enjoyable and worth it – especially when I saw that I was not only meeting, but exceeding my business targets. 

“I’ve been really lucky, I haven’t stopped since I started. The first batch of customers and enquiries I had all turned into regular customers. A lot of business has come from Ed’s Call Centre and a lot has come from my old contacts in the building trade, through recommendations and old friends.

“My advice to anyone thinking of joining would be to make sure they are up to the physical challenge of working outside, day in day out, for the next 3, 4, 5, or 10 years. 

“I started in the worst recession in recent history. I’ve been flat out and exceeded my business targets. I imagine that things can only get better still.

“The great thing about working with Ed’s is the support I receive. Ed and the rest of the team are always there to help and I know if I need any advice, need to talk something over, I can just pick up the phone. You’re not left out on your own!”


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