Tim Keys

Tim“I’ve been an Ed's Garden Maintenance operator for over five years and have recently renewed my contract. I left a job in IT systems support to become an operator and I wouldn’t go back to an office now!

“I’ve successfully grown my own franchise business in my local area of Worcester Park. Having started on my own, there is now enough work for two extra people working for me and I have two branded vehicles. In peak season there is enough work for three extra people.

“I have over fifty regular customers plus one-offs, and I have never had any bad feedback from any of my clients, which is an accomplishment to be proud of. In fact the most challenging part of the week for me is planning how I can fit in all my clients in the most cost efficient and logical way. 

“I advertise regularly in the Worcester Park Life magazine, and built my business in my first year through consistent advertising. This was a better medium for business than leaflets as customers will hold onto the magazine and refer to it for local services when they need to use them.

“For me, lawns are great, and the more the merrier if they are all close together. However I like nothing more than a good clear out. It makes a dramatic change (for the customer's garden) and it's hard work, but it's nice to have a big garden clearance now and again.

“What I really like is being my own boss, pleasing myself, going on holiday when I want to and having the odd day off because I can.

“With a loyal client base in Worcester Park I’d like to continue to develop my Ed’s Garden Maintenance business and carry on delivering a good-quality, professional and reliable service to new and existing clients.”


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