Oleg Iljasevic

OlegOleg Iljasevic opened his etyres East London franchise in 2012 when he took the step to become his own boss and secure a successful future for himself and his family. Oleg decided to use his skills combined with the support of a head office team behind him to launch his business.

After moving to the UK from Lithuania 17 years ago and working his way up to manager of a local cleaning company, Oleg realised he was capable of much more and started looking into running his own business. Whilst Oleg was confident he was able to handle the challenges faced when opening and running your own business, he knew he needed support in certain areas, such as selling to customers and marketing his business.

“These are all reasons why etyres was an ideal franchise for me,” Oleg says. “My English is not perfect, but the head office sales team handles all the sales calls from customers and passes the orders over to me. It is then my job to offer excellent service so that the customers never want to go anywhere else and that is what I enjoy doing.”

The franchise industry is thriving in the UK with businesses reporting record high turnover and employment. In Lithuania, franchising is not such a familiar concept.

“Most people either have a normal job or are just self-employed,” Oleg explained, “but a franchise is so much more exciting. As a result of opening an etyres branch I have been able to see the benefits of working hard for me and my family whilst having the support of a national company behind me.”

After Oleg had met the etyres head office team, he spent the day with Marcin from the etyres Maidstone branch who opened his franchise seven years after relocating from Poland. Oleg said: “It was a great way to get a feel for the business and I knew after my time with Marcin that I wanted my own etyres franchise.

“I didn’t have any experience in this industry, but I was given full training before I started and I learnt everything about tyre fitting and the skills I need to run my branch. Since I started trading I have also been able to get a lot of help from the marketing, sales and IT and finance teams at head office.”

Even applying for funding to launch his branch was easy, because etyres operate a business model with a proven track record, which the leading high street banks regard as a sound investment.

“I am very happy I joined Etyres,” Oleg concludes. “It has given me the chance to take charge of my life and my career. From the first time I came up to the head office everything felt right for me. The work, the company and the opportunity – it has all been focused on helping me to build my own successful business.”


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