Franchise Intelligence (development consultant)

  • Membership: Affiliate
  • Sector: Franchise Development Consultant
  • Contact: Clive Smith
  • Email:
  • Tel: 02380275710
  • Location: Fryern House, 125 Winchester Road, Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 2DR

Company Overview

Franchise Intelligence has one goal and that is to work with our clients to build new and existing revenue streams.

We do this in three ways:

1) Franchise your business (grow and scale your proven and profitable operations via business format franchising)

2) Recruit franchisees (build your franchisee numbers via professionally-managed franchise recruitment programmes)

3) Grow network revenue (we manage marketing campaigns that are focused on building enquires and sales for franchisees)

Franchise Services

Are you ready to franchise?
We provide a feasibility study that clarifies if franchising is right for your business. In the study our advisor recommends your best next steps to growing your business.

Franchise your business
When it is agreed that franchising is right for your business our advisor works with you to prepare, launch, grow and scale your business through the franchise route.

Mitigate risk
Effective franchisee management is key to developing a successful network.  Our advisor works with you to set up management structures that help remove the possibility of conflict between franchisor and franchisees. We also advise franchisors that are challenged with existing conflicts.

For every growing business restructuring will have to be managed from time to time.  Our advisor works with our client to build effective restructuring systems for the next stage in your business development. This service can include structuring of management systems, CRM selection and mentoring though transition.

Planning for growth
Every franchisor will be planning for growth in some form or other at every stage of development. Our advisor will work with you to clarify your goals and build plans that expedite your activity.

Internet marketing training strategy and advisory services
Our advisors work with you to build and manage a multi-platform lead generation strategy that includes SEO, pay per click and social media management services.

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