Franchise Intelligence (recruitment consultant)

Company Overview

Franchise Intelligence has one goal and that is to work with our clients to build new and existing revenue streams.

We do this in three ways:

1) Franchise your business (grow and scale your proven and profitable operations via business format franchising)

2) Recruit franchisees (build your franchisee numbers via professionally managed franchise recruitment programmes)

3) Grow network revenue (we manage marketing campaigns that are focused on building enquires and sales for franchisees)

Franchise Services

Recruitment planning
There is much disruption in the field of franchise recruitment. Understanding how to integrate evidence of operational success and advertising into one campaign is now key.  Our advisor works with you to build a holistic recruitment plan.

Content development and advertising management
Key to success is visibility across multiple channels. Our advisor works with the franchisor to coordinate the development of content across the internet that supports brand values and underpins your value perception to the franchise buyer. This increases awareness, generates well qualified enquiries and sales.

Lead management services
Through the development of our own lead handling software we provide franchise sales software and personal lead handling services.

Internet marketing training strategy and advisory services
Our advisors work with you to build and manage a multi-platform lead generation services that includes search engine optimisation, pay per click and social media management services.

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