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Master, Regional and International Franchising

Global Franchise is the magazine for Franchisors and Master Franchisees. While other franchise magazines are directed towards the small investor looking to buy a single or a very few outlets, Global Franchise is keenly focused on the concerns of those investors looking to take the next step and buy a master franchiseeship. It's also one of a kind. At the the of writing no other publication devotes itself solely to master and international franchising.

An essential reference for master frasnchisees

Currently published six times a year, Global Franchise brings you the previews of the franchise shows you need to attend and shows you how to use your valuable time to best advantage while you are there. Experts in their field offer essential advice on how to prepare for master franchising, explaining what franchisors look for in a prospective master franchisee, which countries are presently 'hot' for franchising in and how to use consultants, marketers and legal teams to best effect. Global Franchise answers the questions you need to know before you invest.

Franchise Services

A shop window for franchisors

Global Franchise is an essential tool for franchisors, too, who can use the magazine to connect with potential buyers of master franchiseeships advertised in these pages. Glance through any edition of Global Franchise and and you will find lots of blue-chip opportunities for would-be master franchisees. 

What we do

Global Franchise introduces you to the movers and shakers of this exciting business. Business founders, CEOs and people at the cutting edge of franchising share their experiences and offer valuable advice, based on hard-won experience. We bring you revealing case studies and in-depth brand profiles which allow the franchisor to properly explain the nature of their business, helping the master franchisee towards deciding whether to invest in their company. This year will be an exciting one for Global Franchise as we begin to expand the range of our publications both in print and online.


Global Franchise employs both traditional and new routes to reach potential master franchisees. Part of a major publishing group, Global Franchise enjoys focused distribution to specially chosen hubs frequented by high flyers of the franchise world. Quite literally: Global Franchise magazine can be easily obtained in the first class and business class lounges of major airline hubs. The magazine is available free in British Airways lounges from Athens to Washington, DC and in lounges operated by Virgin, Delta, Air India, Etihad, Gulf, Malaysia and Air Canada, among a growing list. The elite passenger will find copies at private jet terminals and heliports. With this unique blend of carefully-selected channels, Global Franchise reaches the right audience for the franchisor and is ideally placed for the potential master franchisee to pick up and enjoy on a long or short-haul flight.

Global Franchise magazine is also available in the lobbies of exclusive hotels at these destinations. The publisher of Global Franchise magazine has secured first-class distribution for its existing franchise titles and maximum exposure is ensured by including Global Franchise with these magazines. Controlled circulation ensures that serious investors in search of a master or regional franchise receive their copy before the on-sale date.

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