Green Man Lawn Care (formerly trading as Tom Thumb Lawn Care)

Tom ThumbCompany Overview

Our core service is a set of recurring seasonal lawn treatments carried out once every 10 weeks. At each visit, we apply a lawn fertiliser alongside a weed and/or moss control treatment. Following each treatment, we identify any additional problems and advise our customers how we can address them. Additional treatments are then carried out at a later date. Our customers can select an annual treatment plan and pay for their treatments monthly on a direct debit plan.

Led by Howard, Kate and Tom (below), Tom Thumb Lawn Care is a young, vibrant team with fresh ideas. We love a good natter and we'd love to tell you more so get in touch today!

Tom ThumbKey Information

  • Network Size: 0-10 units
  • Franchise Type: Opportunity for both management and job
  • Typical Start-up Cost: £16,500
  • Minimum Personal Investment: £10,000
  • Franchise Location: Home/Van/Office-based
  • Market: B2B and B2C

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Our two-week training programme combines in-house training, in-the-field training and external training to get you fully prepared to make a success of your franchise. We cover everything from business and marketing, accounts and customer service through to our specialist lawn care method, turning you in to a lean, mean lawn care machine!

You will also be trained by an NPTC-qualified trainer in pesticides handling and application.

Tom ThumbDaily Life of a Franchisee

We’ve designed our management system from the ground up allowing our franchisees to maximise their productivity to see a quicker return on their investment. We leave you to grow your business and service your customers’ lawns, while we do the rest. We’ll answer your customers’ queries, and carry out all credit control tasks. We believe happy franchisees make happy customers.

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