• Membership: Associate
  • Sector: Building & Garden Maintenance
  • Contact: Tony Rafferty
  • Email:
  • Tel: 07548179001
  • Location: 1 Vineyard Road, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1HA


Company Overview

GutterPRO provide a professional gutter clearing service for homeowners and property professionals.

The demand for gutter clearing services is strong. Many insurance companies recommend regular clearing, to avoid problems including damp, erosion, standing water and even health issues.

“Safe and sound we do it from the ground” is the mantra of GutterPRO – using carbon-fibre poles and industrial vacuums. This approach is quick, efficient and particularly suitable over conservatories. It also means that jobs are completed (and paid for) the same day.

Franchise Overview


In the past year over 20 GutterPRO territories have been granted

franchising runs deep in the company’s pedigree. Directors (Andy and Tony) were respectively franchisee / franchisor in a previous business. Tony was also a bfa director.

The directors believe that the success to date of GutterPRO is due to the profit potential and realistic financial projections underpinned by low ongoing overheads.

GutterPRO are confident that new franchisees will get off to a ‘fast start’. To reflect this, they offer a ‘£5000 turnover guarantee’, during the franchisee’s first three months.*

Key Information

  • Network Size: 22 units
  • Franchise Type: Job and management franchise
  • Typical Start-up Cost: £9,850 (single van), £12,850 (multiple vans)
  • Minimum Personal Investment: £1,000
  • Franchise Location: Van-based
  • Market: B2C

To understand exactly what is, and what is not, included in this financial information, click here (opens in a new window).



Starting in the GutterPRO classroom, the focus is efficient and safe ways of working. Next, the training gets ‘hands on’ - getting to know your new GutterPRO kit and assisting with some live jobs.

By day three, the new franchisee will be leading live jobs, under the watchful eye of a GutterPRO leader. Back in the franchisee’s territory, GutterPRO accompany new franchisees for their first three days. Training accommodation is included.

Daily Life of a Franchisee

Most days, franchisees are out doing jobs, with each appointment taking two-three hours and generating £85-£95 in turnover.

All jobs follow a five-step process designed to avoid unwelcome surprises. Taking before and after photos (via the on board camera) is an important element.

Once the job is complete, franchisees carry out local marketing and capitalise on the prominence of their GutterPRO van. General marketing combines online activity and traditional flyers.

*We comply with bfa requirement and state that this is not a guarantee of profitability.

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