Amy Thatcher

Amy Thatcher talks about running her Monkey MusicAmy Thatcher
business in High Barnet, Mill Hill & Whetstone.

How many years have you owned a Monkey Music franchise?

What is your career background?
Before joining Monkey Music, I worked as an area manager for a well-known high street fashion retailer. I was responsible for 40+ stores and a considerable amount of profit/turnover. My role involved managing and developing a team of managers to achieve various key performance indicators. A varied role that also included marketing, customer service, strategic and business planning all of which I still use today running my franchise!

How did you first hear about Monkey Music and the franchise opportunities available?
I first heard about Monkey Music as I attended classes with my first son William when he was 3 months old. After my second son, Thomas, was born we were all still going to Monkey Music and with maternity leave soon to end I was keen to explore more flexible working opportunities that would still challenge/stretch me, but ensure I was around for my family too.

How often do you work?
Every day – it’s a full time job – but you can flex the hours to suit your needs. (I.e. around school pick-ups)

How does the job fit around your family life?
The job is very flexible and fits well around family life. I am often able to pick William up
from school and support him with his learning. I then plan in time to work a few additional hours in the evening to make sure from a business perspective I am up to date.

What aspects of your ongoing support and training do you value most?
The ongoing support and training has been amazing. When I first started the business, I had a support call with the franchise manager every 6 weeks, this was a great help to ensure that I was going in the right direction. The teacher training forums have been an absolute inspiration. Sharing ideas with other teachers to ensure that you are planning/delivering the best classes and keeping ahead of the competition! The franchise network too is so supportive. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience which the network are always on hand to share.

How many classes do you currently run?

What is the best thing about Monkey Music for you?
It’s a great job, where you can utilise lots of skills. I love the creative side of the lesson planning and lesson delivery. Watching the children grow and develop is incredibly rewarding. The business side of things is also great as that is where I can stretch and challenge myself. Plus, I get to spend quality time with my family, which with a 9-5am job could never do.

Are there any downsides to the job?
It is always busy so do not under estimate the hours that you need to put in. It is a full time flexible business opportunity.


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