Zed Tooke

Zed Tooke, Monkey MusicWhat is your career background? 

My background is Music and Marketing. I toured with my own band in London for over 8 years before going to work in marketing at Sony Music. I have always been hugely passionate about music, and have been involved in it one way or another for as long as I can remember.

How many years have you owned a Monkey Music franchise?

I started in September 2014.

How did you first hear about Monkey Music and the franchise opportunities available?

I was introduced to Monkey Music by my sister and her husband, who run their own franchise in a neighbouring territory. It combined everything I had ever learned and loved about music, with the added bonus that you have the incredible fortune of working with young children. I started working with them as an office manager, and after a couple of years took the next natural step and began to enquire about buying my own franchise. I can tell you now that it’s the best decision I ever made. I still work with them both as we continue to work as a trio on both their franchise and mine. It’s quite literally a family affair.

How often do you work?

I work full-time and that is a decision that I took very early on, when I realised that you get out what you put in. The sky really is the limit, and I found that although you can be very flexible with your time (you are after all your own boss!) ultimately if you work hard throughout the term you really will see your customer numbers and profits grow. The great thing too is that you still get the school holidays so you are always well rested in between each term.

How does the job fit around your personal life?

The job fits very well around my personal life. As well as having the benefit of working with my family, we have built a good team of teachers who are all so good about covering for each other when necessary. It’s a relaxing way to work each day and means that you don’t bring any stress home (or very rarely anyway!).  

I prefer where possible to get my work done in the daytime, but it’s great to have the flexibility where if I need to be out of the office I can work from home to catch up. Equally if you ever need to be somewhere else during office hours, you can very easily plan for it and there is always someone to cover for you. You don’t have the stress of needing to get written or verbal permission days or weeks before. You and only you manage your time and there is nothing greater.

Do you get support/training?

You get all the support and training that you would ever need from head office. They are hugely welcoming and support you in every way possible, particularly in your first year where you are supported by your Franchise Manager. Head office are also always present thereafter if you ever have any questions or need advice.

What is the best thing about Monkey Music for you?

The flexibility it offers you. The fact that you run your own business and can build a team that you feel utterly comfortable with, makes for such a wonderful working environment. Working with children is obviously hugely rewarding, watching them grow over the years and seeing them develop is massively inspiring, and that is all thanks to the incredible (and vast) curriculum that Monkey Music has to offer. The Monkey Music brand never stays still, the company is constantly expanding and developing, so as the company grows as a whole, so do you.

Are there any downsides to the job?

I have yet to encounter any but if I had to pick one...it’s that I cannot walk past a buggy now without seeing it as a business opportunity! I find myself wanting to flier and talk to mums or nannies constantly, (even on my days off) so you can become a little obsessed!

Would you recommend this franchise opportunity to other professional people?

Absolutely, I already do at any given opportunity. It’s a lot of fun, it’s extremely rewarding, it’s sometimes hard work and you are often rushing from A to B but when it’s your own project and you feel passionate about something it’s so fulfilling to see it going well. With my first child on the way I know that Monkey Music and my family life will fuse effortlessly together.


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