Laurence Lagden

Hi, I’m Laurence.Laurence Lagden; Optic-Kleer

I have now been an Optic-Kleer franchisee since early 2015.

How did you first here about Optic-Kleer?

“I first heard about Optic-Kleer when I bumped into an ex-manager of mine who I used to work with years ago. He was actually working in a carpark, at a store just down the road from where I was working. Someone told me he was down there, so I went down there and had a little chat, hung around with him for a few hours and found out about the Optic-Kleer brand. It wasn’t until things progressed where I was working, I thought to myself it’s time for a change. I then went back and had another chat with my ex-manager. Things escalated quite quickly.”

How did Optic-Kleer get you up and running?

“Basically I made initial contact through the website. David Overton then got in contact with me. We had a few chats, and I chatted to my ex-manager some more. I came and did a visit and spent a few hours with David, going through how the brand works, basically how we get up and running. Going self-employed was a big step and he explained how being self-employed with Optic-Kleer works and the freedom you get with it.”

Did you come and visit?

“We came up for our first visit with David on the Sunday. We spent three or four hours with him, he showed us what he did, what the operators do, how it all works. He told us about the potential money you could earn from doing it and the freedom you get with it.”

How was your training?

“The training was very enjoyable. I came up and spent four days here. We went over the aspects of the paperwork, the actual training, where we broke lots of screens and repaired them. The whole team made me feel very welcome and it was very easy.”

How did you find setting up your business for the first time?

“Setting up my own business was actually quite straightforward. I found it fairly easy and I had the backing of Optic-Kleer. The accountants that Optic-Kleer recommended to me came down and did a visit. We went through everything. The accountant talked me through my whole financial situation and how it was going to work. He went through a step-by-step process of how to set up, what to expect and what are the stages of setting up the VAT side of it. It was all quite straightforward and very easy.”

Did you earn from day one?

“My first day out, I was actually quite surprised. I actually phoned David on my way home and asked him, ‘what have you done to me?’ I remember those words clearly. It was supposed to be a relaxed, easy job and I had an absolute ballistic day.

"Non-stop enquiries, did repairs galore and came away and couldn’t believe the amount of income I turned over on my first day. It really was a case of jumping in at the deep end, but I just enjoyed the day, out there. It was nice to be my own free man.”


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