Clare Muir

Clare Muir - Oscar Pet Foods FranchiseeHaving run her business for five years, Clare Muir from Hampshire took up a new Oscar marketing initiative that has helped her to see the bigger picture on how to promote and refocus the image of her business.

“Even after running a successful Oscar business for five years I still needed to know more and a new approach to my presentation has been refreshing. The introduction to a marketing team of experts has helped me to gain so much more from my business operation. The scheme is designed to establish good quality, long-term customers by concentrating on the reliability and benefits of my personal service.

“The team assessed my area of distribution, my strengths and weaknesses, helping me to think outside the box. Connecting with the public via road-show promotions generated more awareness of Oscar. It was also a great opportunity to link this project to a neighbouring franchisee as it gave us both a better understanding of our typical customer and covered a wider area. We were helped with mail drops and poster campaigns in conjunction with special features from within our services, such as micro chipping and nutritional advice, which has made an impression and increased brand awareness.

“The initiative has helped me to understand my business in terms of what I have and what I want, allowing me to enjoy quality time for myself.”


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