Platinum Property Partners

  • Membership: Full
  • Sector: Estate Agencies & Property Management
  • Contact: Kate Oliver
  • Email:
  • Tel: 01202652100
  • Location: Platinum Park, Exeter Park Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5AY

Company Overview

We are the world’s first premium property investment franchise. We help both new and seasoned investors build their own profitable HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) businesses, based on a model that over 300 liked-minded people have tried, tested and refined.

Our business was established in 2007 by entrepreneur Steve Bolton. Since then, we’ve recruited more than 300 franchisees in 200 towns and cities across the UK.

Our tried, tested and proven business model typically generates 300% more rental income than the average UK buy-to-let property.

Franchise Overview

At PPP, we help you build your own specialist HMO property portfolio to achieve market-leading returns, giving you an income for life.

In order to be considered as a potential franchisee, you will need in excess of £300,000 to £500,000 of investment capital. This amount will depend on your investment location and the size of the property portfolio you want to build. These funds can come from various sources including cash, equity in your own home and other investments. In some cases, pension funding, and/or wider family assets can be utilised. You may also consider investing alongside someone else.

With our guidance and support, our franchisees buy properties, convert them into premium HMO’s, let them to key workers and young professionals and manage and maintain them.

Key Information

  • Network Size: Over 300 units
  • Franchise Type: Management
  • Typical Start-up Cost: £41,450 (7 yrs); £32,970 (10 yrs)
  • Minimum Personal Investment: £300,000-£500,000
  • Franchise Location: Home-based
  • Market: B2C

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We have a team of 50 strong experts that run our highly effective, intense and ongoing training programme. These include specialist mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors, lettings, renovation and negotiation experts.

Our franchisees learn how to build, market and maintain their ideal HMO property portfolio which can earn them up to four times as much rental income as similar properties with single-tenancy. We share our expert knowledge to help our franchisees generate a substantial long-term income.

Daily Life of a Franchisee

There is no typical day for a PPP franchisee – one day they could be viewing potential properties to buy and the next day be working on an HMO licence application with our planning team. They could be checking in new tenants or carrying out quarterly checks. Many of our more experienced franchisees also play a key role in helping new joiners, so they could be meeting for a coffee or showing people around their properties.

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