Platinum Wave Ltd

Company Overview

Platinum Wave is led by Suzie McCafferty, the firm’s founder and managing director with 18 years international franchising experience. Prior to setting up Platinum Wave in 2010, Suzie’s own journey in franchising began first as a franchisor who built her own retail brand from a single store in Edinburgh to a network of over 70 outlets across six countries from the Middle East to the Caribbean, then as the franchise director and board member of a multimillion-pound division of a recruitment PLC.

Franchise Services

  • Build your Franchise - We can help you research your market and competition, assess the potential for a new entrant, establish your model, identify your ideal franchisees, determine the financials and build a strategy and a timeline.

  • Recruit Franchisees - Today’s content hungry franchisee prospects are just as interested in the culture and personality of your brand as they are in ROI. For that, you need joined up marketing that shows you are an expert in your field, an innovator in your sector and a great team of people to work with.

  • International Franchising - The key is planning, extensive research, having trusted contacts in the markets you’re targeting and knowing how to recruit the right person (first time) to become your Master Franchisee, Regional or Area Developer.

  • Training & Development - We can help you and your franchisee get to the next level with everything from personal mentoring to group training courses.

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