Steve Thatcher

For Steve Thatcher owner of Revive! Portsmouth, being in the position to offer employment and make a real difference to people’s lives has been an unexpected benefit of running his own business.

Steve Thatcher set up Revive! Portsmouth in 2004. He’d been working behind a desk in an IT role and at the time was looking for an opportunity to learn a new skill and get stuck into a hands-on business. He said:  “For the first few years I was happy being a man in and van and painting cars myself. It was the complete opposite to what I had been doing before and I was making a good living.”

But as his workload increased, by 2010 Steve realised he had to add more vans and take on additional technicians to meet demand – and that was the point at which everything changed.

Steve Explained: “The business development team at Revive! head office challenged me to look beyond being just a man who paints cars and recognise my inner management potential.

“My lightbulb moment came after I closed a deal with a local dealership. I came out of the meeting buzzing and realised that winning business and growing my company was all I wanted to do.  I no longer wanted to be the best smart repairer in the team – that’s what my lads are there for.

“I discovered that I got a huge amount of pleasure from being able to change a person’s life for the better. All of my guys came to me with no skills and I have trained them from scratch. They now earn a lot more money and have better live as a result and that gives me a real sense of wellbeing.”

Today he runs a fleet of four vans and employs five people. His aim is to double the size of the business within the next five years and is taking advantage of the business mentoring provided as part of the ongoing training and support provided by Revive!


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