David Vasey, Haslemere

Father of two and keen cricketer David spent over 40 years in the hospitality businessbefore joining Rosemary. With an extensive skill set across operations, finance, marketing and sales, David is confident his experience will help him provide quality service to his clients.

How David got involved with Rosemary Bookkeeping
I came across Rosemary when the franchise was first launching in 2009 and I liked the concept. I liked their friendly and personal approach while being given concise details of the business and I felt that I would be able to adapt my existing skills accordingly as a franchisee, but the timing just wasn’t right for me.  I continued to keep in touch with Rosemary and kept researching the franchise and bookkeeping markets until the timing worked and I was able to join the franchise”.

“The skill set that I hold, as well as previous bookkeeping experience, means that I am confident in the service I can provide my clients.  I am looking forward to being able to work for myself but still have the business backing of a well-established franchise and to be part of a growing team”.

David’s secrets to success...
"Research the market you intend to target, produce a business plan and go for it. Initially I plan to operate the franchise myself so I can get to know the full process… then expand the business using sub-contractors for help”.

Joanna Dennis, franchise development director of Rosemary Bookkeeping says: “We’ve wanted David to join us for ages! But we agree with him, the timing has to be right. Starting a new business is hard work but we are confident that by following the Rosemary System and processes, David’s future with Rosemary looks very bright” 


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