Marcus Cauchi

MarcusRunning his own telemarketing business was putting Marcus Cauchi under more and more stress – he was working long hours, writing detailed proposals for clients who would not always get back to him and sometimes disappeared completely. It felt like he was putting in a lot of effort for little reward.

All this changed in 2004 – the year Marcus discovered the Sandler business opportunity. Unlike many of the network, Marcus wasn’t actively looking for a franchise opportunity when he came across Sandler. But, after exploring the support materials offered by the Sandler model, he soon made up his mind to start his own Sandler business.

After speaking over the phone with the Sandler UK team, he arranged for a meeting the very next day to purchase a Sandler business within his territory in London. Having run his own independent business, Marcus fully understood and appreciated the value in the support that a franchise provided, which made what seemed like a big decision surprisingly easy to make!

“I made my mind up in seconds,” explains Marcus. “I phoned up to say ‘I’m going to come up tomorrow to buy a franchise’, and I bought a franchise! As simple as that! Of course, I did so in the knowledge that I was buying into a proven business. The materials and initial training were stunning, second to none. And I strongly believe that talent creation is an area that will only grow.”

With these strong foundations in place, Marcus has been able to find a work/life balance that fits his needs, without the compromises he had previously had to make as an independent business owner. After nine years Marcus has recently relocated his working area to the south east so that he could spend more time with his family. Despite the implications of having to rebuild his client base he had no hesitation in doing so because he knew the Sandler system worked!

“Coming across Sandler Training was a monumental relief,” he says. “I’ve grown a successful business that allows me to use my skills, achieve satisfying results, and spend more time with my family. I’m now doing all the things that I never had time for before; I’ve read 400 books in the last 2 years and I’m doing an hour and a half of yoga everyday. Sandler has given me the life I always wanted.”


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