Smith & Henderson

  • Membership: Supplier
  • Sector: Franchise Development Consultant
  • Contact: Mr Steven Frost
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  • Tel: 08458620454
  • Location: A2, Stephenson Road, Groundwell, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN25 5AX, UK

Company Overview

We specialise in helping established franchisors that are looking to improve franchise network performance and customer retention. We do that by helping them to measure, benchmark and improve things like the quality of their franchisee support, franchisee relationships and customer satisfaction.

We also benchmark franchisee satisfaction in an annual survey of multiple brands, which many clients have found useful as part of their business review and development.

In 2012, we worked with 54 franchisors including some of the biggest brands in franchising. 

Franchise Services

We help established franchisors improve performance in three ways:

1. Our franchise benchmark programme
This works by gathering anonymous feedback from your franchisees through an online survey.
We’ll help you to benchmark your performance and pinpoint how to improve the quality of your franchisee support and relationships.

2. Improving customer satisfaction
Consistently measuring customer satisfaction allowing you to identify any underperforming franchisees and help these to take positive action.

3. Consultancy projects
Embedding best practice in your franchise model to tangibly improve performance.

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