Target Structural

  • Membership: Provisional
  • Sector: Building & Garden Maintenance
  • Contact: Penelope Hall
  • Email:
  • Tel: 01635580088
  • Location: Unit 3, Red Shute Hill Ind. Estate, Hermitage, Berkshire, RG18 9QL

Company Overview

Target Structural is a specialist in providingTarget Structural structural repairs and new build solutions for a variety of structures; from historic castles to new build residential developments. Target’s solutions range from foundation work in terraced properties to wall tie replacements in high-rise towers. The family-run business manufactures, specifies and installs the products used in these works, ensuring that quality remains consistently high from beginning to end and that clients are fully satisfied with all work carried out.

Franchise Overview

Target Structural has been operating with licensees as pilots for the last three years. Both licensees (South West and Wessex) plan on transitioning to a franchised unit no later than 2020. There is also one company owned unit operating throughout rest of the country. At full capacity the franchise is expected to have 20-25 franchisees operating throughout the UK, all of which will be limited companies. Target Structural also plans to roll out a similar operation from its base in the Netherlands.

Key Information

  • Network Size: 11 - 25 units
  • Franchise Type: Opportunity for both management and job
  • Typical Start-up Cost: £30,000 (£20,000 initial fee exc VAT + equipment/ vehicles)
  • Minimum Personal Investment: £12,000
  • Franchise Location: Other
  • Market: B2B and B2C

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TrainingTarget Structural

Target Structural provides a rigorous training program for its franchisees and ongoing training for staff. This training consists of both onsite and classroom-based workshops. The initial workshops are to set up the business, introduce members to Target Structural software and learning onsite techniques; offering basic, intermediate and expert programmes. This training is specifically designed for people at all skill levels.

Daily Life of a Franchisee

No two days are the same, which is why Target Structural is an exciting and fulfilling business opportunity. Key parts of average days include: marketing your business by arranging and attending CPD seminars; responding to customer enquires; surveying properties and determining structural issues; specifying suitable solutions to the identified issues; planning work on site and carrying out / overseeing repair works.

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