Case Study 2

This franchisee has 20 years business experience in various industry sectors. He has previously worked at director level for two of the UK's largest FMCG Plcs; he has worked in the public and private sectors and has been instrumental in establishing various small venture backed businesses. He believes that TAB membership offers an unrivalled chance to help businesses realise their true potential. 

This franchisee launched his business using his existing database and network of contacts in the business sector of his territory. He has not needed to use telemarketing to secure attendees at his ‘taster board meetings’ – he has invited them himself either at networking events, by picking up the phone, or through email campaigns. Most of his meetings have been held in a new hotel in his territory which has been happy to provide accommodation and refreshments in return for a steady stream of business owners being introduced to their new facilities!

Initially, the franchise was based on a strategy to achieve critical mass quickly. This included several members who were paying a reduced fee for coaching only membership – an option he has developed to prepare smaller businesses for the opportunity to join one of his boards. This complements his existing consultancy business which has also benefited from working with TAB members. 

His target for the end of his first year is to have recruited two contract facilitators, keeping his own membership to 2 boards, to enable him to focus on business development – recruiting members for boards which his contract facilitators will run and coach. 

As contract facilitators are typically paid a percentage of the fees of the members they support, his model means he can grow his business without the constraints of fixed employment costs or significant increases in other overheads. He is ambitious and plans to develop his TAB business to be the number one coaching and peer advisory organisation in his territory – and he’s got off to a flying start!


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