Case Study 3

This franchisee’s particular expertise lies in sales and marketing, operations and strategic planning. He has specialist knowledge of the B2B distribution sector, and the food and chemical industries in particular.

He has been a director/managing director of two privately owned family businesses and CEO of a VC-backed technology business. It was in this role that he experienced the full benefits and value of a board of talented non executive directors and fuelled his passion to help business owners focus on key strategic issues, plan the way ahead and deliver on their targets to drive even greater value and success. His role running an Alternative Board franchise allows him to do just that.

This franchisee did not have a network of business contacts in his territory, but did have a number of friends and acquaintances from sources as diverse as fathers of members of his son’s rugby team, to the people who fitted his new kitchen! He used a mixture of these, together with very active ‘formal’ business networking and telemarketing to populate taster board meetings, following the TAB model closely at each stage.

Within six months he had 12 members sitting on 2two boards. Included in this number is a member who pays a nominal monthly fee whom he is coaching to help them get their businesses to a stage where they will get maximum benefit from full membership. He also secured his first consultancy assignment in month 6 – using the TAB tools with teams in his members business – his first ever consultancy assignment!

His target for the end of his first year is to have three boards, including one board of larger businesses. He is focusing his current marketing activity on building relationships with those business owners, and is targeting the launch of his 4th board in his 5th quarter of operation.


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