Marion Clemens

I was a driving instructor for 6 years before taking on my Trophy franchise. I had 3 illnesses due to the stress so I decided it was time for a major change. I wanted a way of bringing my passion for animals into my work life and a pet food franchise looked ideal. I researched the market and when I found Trophy it ticked all the boxes.

The ethical accreditation, lots of herbs and fruits in the composition, generous franchise area with huge growth potential and quality British food at very cost effective prices, makes it easy to gain new customers.

My background meant I was happy talking to new people but I had no idea of the sales world.

The training I received at Trophy was excellent. I have been given the tools and confidence to happily seek new customers and explain about the varieties of food we have; and how we can help with any dog and cat nutritional problems. Pet owners are always so kind to me and I think that’s due to our first approach. My training showed me how to recruit new pet owners without being pushy or ‘sales person’ like. I couldn’t do it if there were hard sales involved, I’m not that type, but I can honestly say the way I was taught via the Trophy training course, leaves me buzzing.

I took on an existing franchise where the previous franchisee had suffered ill health and could no longer promote the business. In the 5 months over the winter I have increased the customer base by 33% and have barely scratched the surface of the generous household numbers allotted to my area.

I want to expand the business and eventually employ local people having several vans on the road. That may sound optimistic, but in reality, it’s achievable and possible.

However, hard work comes into it. There are days when I start loading the van at 8am, deliveries until 5pm then back into the office after dinner to put in the order, contact customers, work on my Facebook page or any manner of things, to keep the ball rolling.

I can’t imagine that any successful business didn’t start with hard work and, for a few months, feeling like you’re eating, sleeping and drinking the new venture!  Every time my husband and I are alone we are coming up with new ideas, new plans and improvements, but we are thoroughly enjoying the road to our new life. All the hard work is for us. All the late nights are for us. All the outdoor events, networking and social media promotions are for us!

The product I am selling is outstanding, the backup and support is always there. The pet food market is growing. I love talking to people about their pets and they love talking to me (it seems). The only thing between where I am now and succeeding with our plans is hard work, and that I can do due to my training and the joy I have found in recruiting and introducing new customers to Trophy and the services we can provide.

Marion Clemens


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