Barbara Chamberlain

Dorking franchisee Barbara Chamberlain discusses why she decided to shut up shop as a clothing boutique, and venture into the world of vaping.

What attracted you to franchising with Vapestore?

We were attracted to franchising with Vapestore for a couple of reasons, the first being that we were quite unfamiliar with the world of vaping, so it was the expertise that we were after; Vapestore promised and delivered on that expertise. It very quickly became apparent that they are a professional organization, and the support and back-up we received when opening our store was second-to-none. Secondly because we wanted to do something completely different to anything we’d done before, and this gave us a chance to explore that further.

What drew you to the vaping industry?

After doing our research, we realized that this industry is growing extremely quickly with new products and liquids being introduced almost daily, and with this there’s huge potential for individual business growth. This, along with Vapestore’s 100% success rate, attracted us to the vaping industry and Vapestore in particular.

Describe the support you’ve received from Vapestore?

I’ve enjoyed working with every single person at Vapestore, and Vapouriz as a whole. The entire experience has been extremely positive, and they couldn’t do enough to make sure we were ready for our grand opening at the beginning of March this year. The training they provided in the run up and post-opening has been exceptional; we feel confident moving forward that we’ve made the right decision and look forward to the next five years.

Would you consider opening another Vapestore franchise?

From a standing start, we’ve opened the first of what will hopefully be one of many franchise shops with Vapestore. There are no other vape shops in Dorking, and the feedback we’ve had from customers has been extremely positive. I think if we can find another suitable location we would definitely open another Vapestore franchise, and it wouldn’t matter if there’s competition there, because I feel the standard set by Vapouriz, and thus Vapestore, is by far the best.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

I enjoy building customer relationships, and seeing someone come into store having smoked all their lives, or even for a short time looking for guidance from us and help with our products; our customers are at the heart of what we do, so I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds with different requirements, whether that’s the increasingly popular world of sub-ohm or one of our Fuse starter kits. I get huge satisfaction from being able to help them and see them return to let us know that we’ve made a real difference to their lives.


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