Wagging Tails Ltd

  • Membership: Full
  • Sector: Pet Services
  • Contact: Ms Lisa Suswain
  • Email: info@waggingtailsuk.co.uk
  • Tel: 01725518153
  • Location: 2 Coote Cottages, High Street, Damerham, Fordingbridge, SP6 3ES

Wagging TailsCompany Overview

Put simply Wagging Tails offers the service that dog owners want without any of the compromises that exist in the various other dog care services available.

Wagging Tails success has been built purely on our love of dogs and providing them with the very best care possible as the exclusive guests of experienced and licensed Dog Carers.

It is for this reason that each year thousands of UK dog owners choose to treat their dogs to a holiday with Wagging Tails!

Wagging TailsFranchise Overview

Having established Wagging Tails successfully in Surrey in 2007 we very quickly started to receive nationwide enquiries and started looking into ways of expanding to meet this demand. In 2009 we began to work closely with a franchise consultant (and dog owner obviously!) to establish the viability of the business as a franchise and, most importantly, to ensure that we could maintain the ethos that had made Wagging Tails so successful in the first place.

We launched our first franchise in December 2010 and by welcoming like-minded dog loving franchisees into our family we have successfully built a franchise network that continues to provide our original and unmatched dog holiday service to more and more dog owners in the UK.

Each Wagging Tails Franchisee is allocated a substantial, exclusive local territory giving them scope to develop a large successful business with potential for significant long term growth. Franchisees benefit from on-going, award winning support from Wagging Tails Head Office as they establish and grow their business, in addition to the advice and knowledge that is shared across our family of existing franchisees.

This is a genuinely home-based, management franchise and our franchisees must be dog owners. Franchisees are not required to transport animals or make scheduled home visits and are in full control of their (home) office hours.

Key Information

  • Network Size: 11-25 units
  • Franchise Type: Opportunity for both management and job
  • Typical Start-up Cost: £12,995 + VAT
  • Minimum Personal Investment: £12,995
  • Franchise Location: Home-based
  • Market: B2C

To understand exactly what is, and what is not, included in this financial information, click here (opens in a new window).

Wagging Tails


No previous experience or knowledge of the pet care industry is required but a genuine love of dogs and ability to manage your own time effectively is essential! You will receive full training and on-going support in sales, marketing, administration and operational procedures learning everything you need to run your own successful dog boarding business.

-          4 Days in-house training (including a day spent with an existing franchisee)

-          Canine First Aid Course

-          ADTB Dog Behaviour Diploma

-          Unlimited access to Head Office for on-going sales and marketing advice

-          Regular meetings to review the development of your business

-          Shared knowledge and collaboration with fellow franchisees

Daily Life of a Franchisee

This is a varied and sociable role that puts you in full control of your weekly diary and allows you to work with your dog by your side. Whether talking to prospective Dog Carers, arranging dog holidays for owners, making contact with local dog services or attending shows to promote the business you can do it all with your four-legged friend by your side.

“I love spending time with Brea. Taking her to work to meet prospective Carers and new doggy friends is a real treat. Being a Wagging Tails franchisee is certainly a rewarding career move.”

Alexis Bennett, Wagging Tails Gloucester (GL Postcode) Franchisee

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