Teresa Bowers

Teresa Bowers - Wagging Tails Franchise"In the past, our two dogs Scooby and Tyler were always looked after by one of our children when we went on holiday but when we were planning a holiday last year, neither were available.

It was during my search for an alternative holiday home for them that I came across Wagging Tails - they were offering just the service we were looking for.

Whilst browsing the Wagging Tails website, I noticed that they were looking for franchisees and as I read more, I became completely enthralled. I wasn't looking for a change in career but this role sounded exciting. Being a financial advisor, the most enjoyable part of my role was meeting and getting to know people so this opportunity fitted perfectly with my skills.

Needless to say I made an application and after talking with Lisa and Jim at length, I decided that I had to join them and I opened the Oxfordshire branch last year. I had full support and guidance with the initial launch but it hasn't stopped there...

...Lisa is always available to help and guide me through various situations, and her experience with the business and her knowledge of dogs is invaluable. I have yet to pose a question or concern that she hasn't been able to fully answer and help with, and I had many in the early weeks! A few short months on and I know that joining Wagging Tails was the best decision I have made in a while.

My business is growing fast and I am amazed at how much demand there is from dog owners who want the very best holiday for their four legged friends. No two days are the same but they all are enjoyable and satisfying."


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