Wiltshire Farm Foods


Company Overview

Wiltshire Farm Foods manufacture and distribute over 300 healthy and nutritious meals that cater to all dietary needs, serving predominantly elderly customers (over 65s) who wish to maintain their independence. We serve customers who are among the most vulnerable in our society. Operating since 1991, our market continues to expand rapidly and we have very ambitious growth plans for the future. Ours is a proven business opportunity that offers a sense of fulfilment through the care we provide to customers.

RESALE AVAILABILITY: we have territories available for sale in Hull, Northern Ireland Worcester, York and Twickenham. Please contact Mark Smalley for details.

Franchise Overview


Wiltshire Farm Foods operate throughout the UK. Territories are available only on resale. Over 24 years we have developed a strong business model that focuses on meeting the needs of our customers. We have one in-house franchise where we test new concepts. In 2014 we enjoyed strong growth and our strategy is to continue to grow rapidly in the expanding market in which we operate.

Key Information

  • Network Size: 51-100 units
  • Franchise Type: Management
  • Typical Start-up Cost: £100,000
  • Minimum Personal Investment: Varies
  • Franchise Location: Office-based
  • Market: B2C

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Franchisees receive 2 weeks full induction training and ongoing IT, marketing and business development support. We hold quarterly regional meetings, hold an annual conference and have a strong culture of best practice sharing. Continuous learning is strongly encouraged and we focus heavily on people skills and the pursuit of the highest service standards. We have a wide range of video and written training tools to support franchisees.

Daily Life of a Franchisee

A typical franchise will deliver to several hundred customers a week in their territory. We receive orders via the phone, the web, or through the driver taking repeat orders. These are then picked for the following day and the same drivers will generally visit the same customers. Our goal is to form a strong relationship with each customer.

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