Sandy Hennessey

Sandy HennessySandy Hennessey became a franchisee with X-Press Legal Services, the property search franchise, in 2006.

“I had worked in the property search sector for six years when I left my managerial job to work in a completely different field for a little while,” Sandy says. “I first learned about franchising when a friend was considering it and asked if I would be interested in joining her. That didn’t happen but I had learned enough about franchising to understand all its advantages and benefits.

“Then the opportunity arose to join X-Press and I was keen to find out more. Having worked in the property search industry already, and before that in the legal sector, I had a great deal of relevant experience and knowledge which made me feel confident about my ability to have my own business, so I thought – why not do this for myself?

“I wanted a change and felt ready for a new challenge. I knew that franchising was a way of having your own business but without being entirely alone. The franchisor provides comprehensive training at the beginning and then ongoing support from the national network. The support at X-Press is amazing because, even though you are working on your own, you are still part of a very large family and there is always someone at the end of the phone to offer advice and help when you need it.”

Sandy undertook thorough research and considered the options before meeting the franchisors, Lynne and Dave Lister, and striking an immediate rapport with them. She also recognised that the franchise’s training and support package was outstanding and matched by the friendly cooperation within the network.

Sandy’s franchise got off to a great start but her rapid progress was disrupted when her office was flooded – followed a little while later by a second flood in another office! She made the decision to relocate her office to her home and has worked there ever since.

Two years later the business is growing fast and Sandy has three people working with her. They are all part-time and their hours overlap. “We all work well together fitting in work requirements and family responsibilities which means we quite often deal with matters outside the normal 9-5 hours. You could more or less say the office is manned around 20 hours a day,” Sandy says.

The majority of Sandy's working background is in the law and property search sectors. “I love problem solving and the whole search and find challenge, which is ideal for the business,” Sandy comments.

“I really enjoy what I do and would never want to go back to being employed again. I also value the flexibility that being a franchisee gives me so that I can take care of my family commitments.

“And I really enjoy being a member of the X-Press franchising family with all its support.”


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