Our Mission, Vision & Values

You know who we are, but what are we all about?

Our Purpose

To empower people to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Our Vision

Established ourselves as the hub for franchising in the UK.

Our Mission

Provide an educational space and accreditations that are governed by our high standards and ethics.

Our Promise

The place for franchising – where everyone has a story.

Our Brand Values


We provide a space for individuals and collectives to come together and share their knowledge and wisdom to help one another prosper and grow. We support people and businesses with our years of knowledge, experience and resources to enable people to develop and progress.


We are always striving to become better, whether that be through natural progression or the adaptation of previously unknown ideas, we’re always better than we were yesterday.


Positivity breeds positivity. It’s infectious. We’re most definitely a glass half full kind of brand. We use the power of positivity to make any situation a good situation for both ourselves and our community.

Diversity & Inclusion

People don’t belong in ‘boxes’ to be discriminated against. We love that everyone within the BFA is different, and it’s our duty to make people feel welcomed and valued enough to share without fear of judgement. Celebrating individuality means everything to us.


People’s businesses are their livelihoods, and they trust us to help them grow. It’s our responsibility to guide our members and be the people they can rely on, day in day out, no matter what.


Passion is the ultimate fuel for anything extraordinary. It’s the fire within us that motivates us to get out of bed in the morning and sends us home happy and content in the evening, knowing that we’ve made a difference.

Our Brand Behaviours

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