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Mortgage Broking for a Famous Footballer

Mortgage Broking for a Famous Footballer

Sometimes when working as a mortgage broker, as can be the case in many walks of life, you may come across individuals of some notoriety while offering your services. One particularly common example of this amongst our franchisees can be footballers, who approach our mortgage advisors and brokers looking for guidance and advice on how to invest money from their salaries by growing a property portfolio.

In this case, a member of our network came across an individual who has asked to remain anonymous for this piece, but who at the time of writing currently plays for Cardiff City football club. The individual in question was looking to secure a mortgage for a property in Talygarn, situated near Cardiff in South Wales.  

The client explaining that they had a deposit of £95,000 for the aforementioned property which had a market price of £645,000. This covered approximately 15% of the total purchase price, and they explained that they would like to get a mortgage to cover the rest to keep as much of their equity free as possible.

The franchisee was able to place the deal relatively easily with Cambridge and Counties Bank, who were happy enough with the affordability position and financial stability of the client to cover the remainder of the purchase with a loan for £550,000, generating £2,792 in total commissions.

We are unsure if the client plans to use the new property as their main residence, or instead plans to live elsewhere and keep this as an investment property. The goal of growing a property portfolio is usually to put your money to work, investing it to grow your assets and improve their future financial security as a result. This often also allows the owner of said portfolio to retire earlier than in many other professions, because they have the reliable financial position to do so.

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