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Mr Charger makes paperwork a thing of the past for its franchisees

Mr Charger makes paperwork a thing of the past for its franchisees

For Mr Charger franchisees, the benefit of a partnership with software firm, Jumptech, is making the admin-side of running a business easier to handle.

At Mr Charger, we don’t believe admin should hold you back from being successful. Which is why our partnership with Jumptech, is helping our franchisees manage their workflow more easily, with less time spent chained to the desk.

Work-life balance support, behind the scenes

Running your own Mr Charger business means you will need to stay on top of the management of your charging points installations. “When we first started Mr Charger,” explains Richard Mills, Managing Director, Mr Charger, “we would have tons of paperwork to complete – such is the nature of the job we do. So, we’ve been on the look-out for the right software to help our franchise network manage their businesses more easily.”

At the end of 2019, new software company, Jumptech, presented Mr Charger with a solution which had been designed for the electric vehicles industry. “The software makes the management of charging point installations and customer relationships more efficient,” explains Tom Griffin, Jumptech’s COO. “It reduces the amount of paperwork you’ll need to do by keeping everything in one, online, system. It also enables better communications with your customers, even down to sending a notification if you’re running late, just with the click of a button.”

A back office management system to help you manage your workflow

Mr Charger has integrated Jumptech’s software into its CRM system, customers are led through a funnel, from the point of contact, through to installation day. And, as the process is automatic, accessible anywhere, through the app, you don’t have to tie yourself down to a desk.

How it works:

Through our new management system, you and your team of installers will:

  1. Remotely survey the site where the install is to take place
  2. Identify which is the best charging point for the site
  3. Book the installation date, and send reminders to your customer
    • allowing you to communicate with customers when you’re due to arrive, or if you’re running late
  4. Take photos of the install for compliance records / manufacturers’ warranty
    • you and your customer gain the confidence the install has been done safely
  5. Upload documentation and certificates of the completed install for your customer
    • This helps with the admin needed after an install

Peace of mind for each install you do

As well as making the management of your workflow more succinct, the software gives you and your customer peace of mind throughout the installation process. As a business owner, Richard, instantly saw the benefit Jumptech offered to the Mr Charger network, “It has proven to be the perfect solution for what we wanted to achieve, by simplifying the installation process with an automated funnel, and helping our franchisees work more efficiently. They already have more time to do what they really enjoy – the installs – without building time in to their day for business admin.”

Join the EV revolution, today. When you invest in your own Mr Charger franchise, you’ll receive all the training you need to run your business. Why wait? Contact us, today, and discover what you can achieve.

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