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New Dream Doors Showroom in Solihull

Former estate agent Graham Phipps has opened a new Dream Doors showroom in Solihull, promising customers a warm welcome and no hard sales tactics. A host of people turned out for the grand opening at Stratford Road in Shirley, which Graham said went off without a hitch.

Graham, 35, said: “It’s been a lot of plates spinning and it’s been pretty manic but exciting at the same time.

Graham, who is originally from Hinckley in Leicestershire, felt all the pieces fell into place once he started working with Dream Doors in terms of location and business model.

 He said: “It’s been a busy few months and I have a positive feeling about the business itself. I’ve taken some good sales lead calls and now the doors have opened, we’ll really propel it.

Graham said he was drawn to working for Dream Doors when he realised he wanted to change his career direction saying, “I wanted a new, different route. I’d been in property since I left school and it’s a long time to deal with it all – tenants and landlords and properties.” 

“I didn’t want to move too far from property – there’s quite a lot of synergy between the businesses. Dream Doors holds quite a unique position – it’s a little bit niche and offers a unique selling point. I’ve also got great support from the Business Development Managers and the Training Centre – it’s been really beneficial. Taking on a franchise is a really happy medium – it’s still my business and I’m still running it how I want but it’s still very well supported. I feel like the market in Solihull is a better fit for what we’re offering – a better marketplace and a better demographic.”

The showroom opening was attended by Solihull Mayor Flo Nash and her consort Alan Nash, Graham’s partner Alexandra Breakspear, who will be working with him, and David Howle, the owner of Dream Doors Worcester. Also present was Dream Doors’ Business Development Manager Rick Howcroft and Director of UK Sales Ed Brewer.

Ribbon Cutting of new Dream Doors in Solihull
Ribbon Cutting of new Dream Doors in Solihull
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