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New faces boost Rosemary Bookkeeping network

Rosemary Bookkeeping has welcomed the latest additions to its franchise network, with the arrival of Mark Webster and Richard Swansea in the Nottingham and Guildford territories respectively.

Mark specialised in IT for over 20 years and has been a house husband, taking care of his 3 children. Now that his children have become teenagers, Mark decided to rejoin the workforce. Desiring a flexible work/life balance, Mark explored various franchises and Rosemary fitted his skill base in project solving and attention to detail.

“I’d always thought a franchise would be the right choice for me and having been to a few of the franchise fairs I ended up on a number of mailing lists,” he says. “Nothing had really clicked into place; pizza parlours, pet grooming, house/oven cleaning, courier services etc. never really appealed…until the day that piece of “junk” mail dropped into my inbox regarding Rosemary Bookkeeping. Everything about it just seemed to fit and I immediately enrolled on one of their Discovery Days. The Discovery Day just confirmed what I had hoped for, a highly professional and ambitious team providing an interesting and exciting business opportunity with a reassuring level of support and so I decided to join the team.

“I am excited about this being my business, I make the decisions but I have the support of Rosemary in the background with all their wealth of experience. I’ve tasted success in previous projects but rewards seem to have gone to others. This time I’m looking forward to reaping those rewards.

“If you are thinking about starting a business from scratch it is a big undertaking but with the team at Rosemary Bookkeeping helping you, you can avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that others have made. Why make it hard for yourself when you can tap into a world of experience?”

Richard meanwhile previously worked as a financial journalist in Hong Kong and London as an editor and supervisor of research reports at leading investment banks, and speaks French and Chinese. He focused on Chinese studies for his first degree at Durham University, and studied for an MBA degree at London’s City University Business School.

Richard is excited about this next chapter in his career and is looking forward to working with local businesses and drawing on the vast business experience he already has. It was Rosemary’s strong management team that gave him the confidence to invest in this franchise.

He explains: “I came across Rosemary at the British Franchise Exhibition in Manchester, in June 2013. I chose Rosemary in preference to other bookkeeping franchises because of the breadth of its management team; this gave me confidence that my relationship with the team would not be influenced by issues of personality.”

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