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New Right at Home franchises are a family affair!

New Right at Home franchises are a family affair!

New locations preparing to open in Exeter and Grantham.

The owners of two new Right at Home franchises completed their initial New Owner Training at the national office near Liverpool this month.

Tony and Claire Macrae, owners of Right at Home Exeter and Exmouth, were joined by their son Michael, who is coming straight from university to join them in building their new business.  

Proud new dad Anand Parekh also attended training ahead of launching his business in Grantham, Newark, Oakham and Melton Mowbray. Anand’s wife Devina, who is currently on maternity leave, plans to attend training later this year so that she can actively support him in their business.

For Tony and Claire, the opportunity to finally start learning the specifics of their new profession through the two-week RightStart training programme signals the end of a long waiting game.

They had planned to relocate from Dubai to join Right at Home in 2020, but the move was severely delayed by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and they were forced to wait until travel restrictions lifted.

The couple, whose two children were both at university in the UK, were eventually able to complete their move to Devon late last year, and since then have lost no time putting the wheels in motion to get their care business up and running.

“It’s been quite a journey already, just to get here, to the starting line!” said Claire. “But we are both incredibly excited and energised about the challenge ahead.”

“We have both had to experience our elderly parents needing support when we have been physically distanced from them,” added Tony. “Having had successful careers, we’re now motivated by the opportunity to give back and be accountable for our own destiny.” 

Anand and Devina already own a successful yoga studio in Nottingham city centre. Their plans to move into the care sector were motivated by extending their business ambitions and their natural passion for people, health and wellbeing.

It’s an exciting time for them as they are also diving into parenthood, with their baby son born just a few weeks ago. 

“We’re definitely going to have our hands full over the next couple of years!” Anand laughed, “but we’re looking to build a future that will be rewarding – both financially and emotionally –  and Right at Home’s values were really clearly in sync with our own. 

“It’s been great getting to know the National Office team during the two weeks of training.  There has been a lot to take in but it’s been clear from all the research we’ve done, and from what we’ve experienced so far, that the team are 100% here to support us so we’re feeling incredibly positive about what lies ahead, although we don’t have any delusions about the hard work that will be involved!

“Devina and I were invited to the Right at Home conference in September, and we met a few franchise owners whilst we were going though the evaluation process. Everyone has been really welcoming and it’s been so inspiring to see how well so many of them are doing with their businesses – we just can’t wait to get started now!”

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