Andy guides franchise brands through the BFA’s accreditation process so spends most of his time knee deep in training manuals, company accounts and franchise agreements. Stress testing franchise business models is what he does best! Andy’s mission is to continue to strengthen the association’s standards and compliance.

Andrew Dick QFP

Standards Manager
Will’s focus is on building relationships with the BFA’s customers. He strives to ensure the members feel supported and are making the most out of their membership, while guiding those who are considering franchising to the appropriate places to expand their knowledge on the industry.

Will Strike

Franchise Support Manager
James thrives on creating strong relationships to ensure customers feel supported and at the heart of the BFA’s work. He heads up our Franchise Support team with a strong focus on building trust, adding value for our members and maximising their engagement.

James Sedgwick

Senior Support Manager
Codie sits at the heart of the Franchise Support Team ensuring the smooth running of the community learning events and providing the much-needed administrative support to the association’s compliance function.

Codie Grewer

Franchise Support Assistant

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