Announcing Jack’s New Role in Recruitment for Green Machine

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We’re excited to share some news from the Green Machine family! Jack, a dedicated member
of our team, is taking over the reins in the recruitment department. This transition marks a new
chapter for us as we continue to expand and refine our services.

Jack’s Journey with Green Machine
Jack embarked on his journey with Green Machine in August 2022, joining our ranks as a Credit
Controller within the Finance team. His strong work ethic, determination, and commitment to
excellence quickly caught our attention. In a short span of time, Jack’s exceptional skills led to
his promotion as Finance Manager. For the past year, he has efficiently managed the intricacies
of the sales ledger for Green Machine and its esteemed Franchise family.
Throughout his tenure, Jack’s enthusiasm and dedication extended beyond his core role. He
seamlessly juggled various responsibilities, offering his expertise in areas such as helpdesk
management, diary coordination, administrative support, and notably, recruitment.

Jack’s Transition and Enthusiasm for Recruitment
Jack’s journey within the Green Machine family took a remarkable turn as he stepped into the
role of managing recruitment. When asked about this transition, Jack shares that there are
many elements of recruitment that he enjoys. The prospect of interacting with a diverse array of
individuals from across the Southwest, as they apply for positions within our brand.

The Essence of Recruitment
Delving into the heart of recruitment, Jack highlights a profound aspect – being the first point of
contact for our new staff members. As they embark on their journey with us, Jack ensures
they’re welcomed warmly and provided with answers to their queries. His commitment doesn’t
end there; he regularly checks in with new hires, ensuring they’re settling into their roles
comfortably and that they’re finding success in the positions he has entrusted to them.

A Vision for the Future
With this new role, Jack envisions a future where Green Machine’s recruitment endeavours
thrive. His enthusiasm is contagious as he shares his plans: “I’m really looking forward to getting
stuck in and developing recruitment with my own processes and ideas and hopefully using
social media as one of our main platforms to drive Green Machine’s future recruitment
endeavours.” His strategic approach and dedication to innovation are set to elevate our
recruitment processes to new heights.

Join us as we extend a warm welcome to Jack in his new role. At Green Machine, we’re
committed to delivering excellence, whether it’s in recruitment or offering unbeatable franchise
opportunities. Together, we’re shaping a brighter, cleaner future for the southwest region.


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