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How to fight the back-to-school blues while preparing for the year ahead

September and the ‘back-to-school’ routine can fill some students with dread. But, if preparations are done properly and thoroughly, they can be a great way to instil excitement and motivation. With the next academic year right around the corner, it is best to get organised now to alleviate the stress and worries children around the country might be starting to feel. Here, the in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor, provides some top tips on ways students can hit the ground running and promote a positive attitude as they prepare to re-enter the classroom.

Clear out everything from last year that you no longer need

Starting with a fun one, the ‘clear out’! This is a great way to quickly remind yourself of everything you did last year and go over what you finished on before picking it up in the classroom when term starts. And of course, there will be plenty of things you no longer need such as old timetables and outdated planners. Carrying out a ‘pre-term clear out’ is a great way to destress and declutter your mind from the overhanging worries of the last academic year.

Get into good habits now

The summer break gives you the chance to have later nights and more relaxed mornings, but with school requiring a more structured routine, consider getting back into it before the first day back. That way, you minimise the risk of oversleeping and feeling tired on your return to the classroom and you start the term with a refreshed mindset that will guide you throughout the year.

Write down your SMART goals

Writing down your hopes and ambitions is a great way to physically visualise what you want from the school year. From small personal achievements, all the way to exam grades, having a visual aid to guide you and motivate you is the perfect way to start the year off with the right attitude. Set yourself some SMART goals to help you break down big targets into smaller attainable steps.

Use school resources and refamiliarize yourself with virtual learning environments

Having the summer break is ideal for detaching yourself and having an ‘academic detox’. But with the first day back right around the corner, it is time to refocus and get to grips with the online resources that you will utilise throughout the year. Checking timetables, looking over the virtual learning environment and catching up on any updates that have taken place throughout the summer are all ways that you can ease yourself back into the systems that are in place to help you get the most out of the year.

Get a head start

There is never any harm in looking over some materials you know will be coming up in the syllabus. Familiarising yourself with new textbooks and reading up on topics that you are excited about are great ways to prevent ‘new year stress’ and feeling overwhelmed when you are reintroduced to academic study. And if you are worried about anything coming up, consider getting a personal tutor to support you and give you the keen academic edge throughout the year.

Becky Ward, the Education Experience Specialist at Tutor Doctor, summarises, “There are so many ways to get excited about the year ahead with the start of term being a new beginning. While the back-to-school blues can be a worry, as you prepare to pass more significant academic milestones, starting off on the right foot is the perfect way to maintain a positive mindset and to minimise any concerns. So, as the new term draws closer, remember not to fret, and look forward to the amazing personal and academic opportunities that will be sure to come your way!”

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