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What does it mean to win a scholarship that allows you the chance to reach your potential doing something that you absolutely love? Meet some of the young people who lives has been transformed thanks to a franchise theatre school and the opportunities it provides. 

Razzamataz Theatre Schools empowers young people to pursue their dreams, nurture their talent and reach their full potential in the performing arts field with the opportunity to apply for a year’s full funding to attend their local award-winning theatre school via an exciting scholarship opportunity.

The Stage scholarships in association with Razzamataz, gives young people the opportunity to attend their local Razzamataz for a year’s worth of free tuition, up to the value of £800.

Over the years, Razzamataz has provided hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of tuition across the 60 schools throughout the UK. This not only gives aspiring performers a chance to receive excellent training to cultivate their skills and realise their creative potential, but it also serves as recognition of their ability, giving them a huge boost of confidence.

The scholarships are open to all young people between the ages of 8-16 and no previous experience is necessary. Judges are looking for young people who have a passion for the arts and will take advantage of all the training, mentorship and numerous opportunities that come with being a Razzamataz student.

“A Razzamataz scholarship has the potential to shape students’ lives and careers significantly,” explains Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz. “We provide them with the resources, training, opportunities and inspirational mentors that enable them to make a lasting impact in whatever industry they choose to go on and follow.”

Previous winners have gone on to be in hit West End musical theatre shows such as Hamilton and Moulin Rouge as well as forging careers in numerous industries from the medical profession through to teaching and legal careers. The one thing they all have in common, is the self-confidence that is nurtured by being part of Razzamataz.

Meet some of The Stage scholarship winners

We were delighted to meet some past winners from Razzamataz West Cumbria and hear how winning the scholarship positively impacted their lives.

Molly age 17

Molly was 12 when she won The Stage scholarship in 2018 and the impact was immediate.

How did you feel?

I was overwhelmed and overjoyed at the fact that I pulled this off because being a 12-year-old it was a bit intimidating when you had the older students and I really compared myself to many other people at Razzamataz. I feel that winning The Stage scholarship, especially at that age, gave me a confidence boost. I needed to believe in myself and have the confidence that I can do musical theatre, and this is a passion I should keep going with.

Life skills learnt at Razzamataz

Definitely public speaking. We perform annually in front of hundreds of people and I also had the opportunity of performing on a West End stage in London twice, which was an amazing opportunity for me to gain more confidence in projection and acting in general. I feel that with the public speaking comes a certain level of confidence and self-appreciation, which was helped and aided by Razzamataz West Cumbria.

Dreams for the future

I would like to attend university and, on that journey, I am hoping to join certain sorority/clubs that are musical theatre based so that I can continue my passion that was fueled by Razzamataz for so many years.

Lacie Violet age 12

Lacie Violetwon in July 2021 when she was 10 years old. 

How did you feel?

I felt so proud and honored when I won and it really boosted my confidence.

Life skills learnt at Razzamataz

The life skills I have learned are to always be myself, work hard and be dedicated. 

Dreams for the future

One day I would like to be in a West End show on the stage in one of London’s theatres. 

Jessie, age 8

Jessie won the scholarship in July 2022 when she was just 7 years old.

How did you feel?

I felt really surprised, I was speechless but very happy and excited. I couldn’t believe I won it. 

Life skills learnt at Razzamataz

I feel like I have learnt how to perform better and I feel so much more confident! I have made good friendships with other people in my class and have better communication with people.

Dreams for the future

I dream about becoming a famous actress.

Winners 2023

We can’t wait to announce our 2023 winners…. Stay tuned!

Make a difference to young lives in your community

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Training takes place regularly at the Razzamataz Head Office in the beautiful Lake District and Flagship school Razzamataz Carlisle. 

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Razzamataz Theatre Schools is a BBC’s Dragons’ Den backed theatre school franchise established in 2000. Every school offers FREE taster sessions for all potential students to try, and every team member will have access to the Razzamataz Training Academy, a platform that we believe will revolutionise the ongoing development of our staff. Upon completion of the course, each teacher will receive a diploma that is recognised throughout the network. We are proud our average network turnover running as a mainly part time business is circa £80-100k in our network with our top performing franchise partners operating the business full time reporting turnovers of circa £300k with a 70% gross profit! 

Neither Razzamataz Ltd, nor any of its directors, associated companies, employees, professional advisors or associates makes any representations, warranties or guarantee as to the reasonableness or accuracy of the financial information supplied to franchisees or the likely financial performance of individual franchisees.  The information provided above is purely based on a number of general assumptions based on a full school however the individual performances of franchisees will vary depending on factors such as local competition, pro-activeness of franchisees to follow the systems, the promotion of the brand & other factors. 


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