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There are no guarantees when it comes to business ventures. However, there are clues within a franchise, like InXpress to help you understand what’s at stake.

When it comes to finding the right franchise investment for you, how can you know what will work? One of the keys is looking at the current network of franchisees and how well they’re performing. Or you can look back at the past, to see how well they managed previous economic challenges. Within InXpress, our network is filled with franchise partners who have a mindset for growth, regardless of what’s happening around us!

As a business model, InXpress is resilient with high earning potential.

You may hear this often within franchising, but given the kind of industry we operate in, one thing we are confident about is our business model! By offering a shipping and logistics service to customers – something which will never fall out of favour – we help to deliver our customers’ promises to their customers. This is what make us a great proposition for your investment and is what adds resilience to what we do: thanks to the rise in online shopping, people are always going to be shipping goods!

In January, the UK network hit a 16% increase in sales on last January, which when you know 4 parcels are sent through InXpress every second, isn’t a small top line!

As a strategic path to growth, InXpress is a low-cost venture

What makes us a low-cost franchise? It’s the fact we’re a technology-based business. Meaning you can operate from anywhere when you first start – as long as you have a laptop, internet and a phone!

By focusing on delivering exceptional customer service, our top-performing franchisees are enjoying monthly six-figures fruit of their labour, which they invest back into their business by increasing their Sales or Customer Service teams. This is when our franchise partners discover they’re ready to move out of the back bedroom, into an airy serviced office, from which they can create happy teams who ensure customers are happy.

As a low-cost investment, InXpress can help you keep customers’ costs down too

graphical user interface, text, application, emailAs the link between the large logistics companies, and local business contacts, we may not always be the cheapest option, but we are 99% of the time the best option. Because of the relationships we’ve developed with well-known couriers, we have the means of helping customers reduce their costs, including through batch bookings in our bespoke app webship+. This platform makes our customers’ lives easier, and enables you to manage your shipments easily, too. What would have taken hours in the past, now takes minutes! Leaving both you, and your customers time to do what you do best… sell your products!

It means our franchisees and their teams, like Vanessa Heaps, at InXpress Manchester have the tools and resources to hand to ensure when customers come to them with a problem, they can quickly offer them a solution:

Not risk-free but a tidy opportunity

Whilst there is no such thing as a completely risk-free business, we’d love for you to take a closer look at InXpress.

During the previous recession, in 2008, we grew 77% as a network. During Covid, we grew 25%. And, in spite of Brexit and the cost-of-living challenges, we’re currently enjoying strong network growth. Don’t leave your future to chance. Discover more about the InXpress franchise, and how it can help you build a more secure

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